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QHRV Research uses cutting edge technology for real time measurements and analyses of parasympathetic and sympathetic activities to assess the autonomic balance in the body. When monitoring, QHRV Research performs a full HRV analysis of the last five minutes of data and updates live displays every half a second. QHRV Research indicates the full dynamics of change in the regulatory tonus of both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and autonomic balance over a prolonged period of time. It allows for design of the HRV evaluation protocols of any length to accommodate to any research or assessment needs.

It allows for HRV evaluation protocols of any length to accommodate all research or assessment needs. It performs real-time recording of the electrocardiograph (ECG) or photoplethysmograph (PPG) signal, its analysis and display of HRV data providing valuable information about dynamic changes in autonomic regulation.

Product Overview

QHRV Research software allows for simple and convenient monitoring and recording of raw signal (ECG or pulse wave - PPG), heart rate and HRV data. Data collected can be reviewed and edited at a later time. The software facilitates the creation of an unlimited number of event markers for later analysis. An unlimited number of data picks can be created to derive HRV profiles and a special comparison report can be generated illustrating all details on all available HRV profiles. These reports show absolute HRV readings as well as their respective % of change relative to preselected reference point. All data is displayed in both numerical and graphical formats for easy interpretation.

QHRV Research presents a new approach to HRV evaluation that is performed repetitively and continuously over extended periods of time. A standard five-minute time frame is used for these evaluations and is continuously updated every half a second. This method is a departure from today's typical HRV measurement tools which only have the capability to measure short-term HR data and provide a static assessment. These limited assessments only provide information regarding a single moment in time without any consideration for the dynamics of physiological changes reflected in HRV.

QHRV Research presents a robust method of real-time HR data evaluation and detection to ensure the highest possible accuracy and reliability of HRV data. Using the latest technology - the auto-regression method of power spectrum calculation- QHRV Research enables users to quickly detect transitory processes caused by various interventions. This tool is especially effective when performing tests for specific allergies or toxins, for example, or various substances which require testing to determine the type of autonomic response they produce.

The ability to detect sudden changes in autonomic balance provides an opportunity to reliably detect agents that cause such allergic reactions by means of affecting the autonomic balance. When changes occur in HRV, multiple time markers are posted along with the recorded data. Upon review, comparisons of the data associated with those time markers can be performed and conclusions drawn.

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* Real Time HRV monitoring
* Neurovegetative Analysis with custom measurement marks
* Custom Test Procedures
* Sympathetic and parasympathetic tonus
* Compliance with short-term HRV analysis standards
* Continuous monitoring of changes in HRV
* Time markers during monitoring process
* Detection of sudden changes in autonomic balance
* HRV data comparison to the population norms
* Autonomic balance zone for continued comparison
* Multiple comparisons of marked data
* Various HRV session report capabilities: graphs, bars, spectrum, etc.
* Custom periods comparison
* HRV data import/export into XML, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and ASCII text formats * Measure more than 20 person real time at the same time with Team Pod device
* Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, French

Recommended For

* Clinical Researchers
* Stress Management Counselors
* Alternative Therapy Specialists
* Biofeedback Therapists
* Physiology Class Teachers
* Physical/Occupational/Recreational Therapists
* Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Specialists

Hardware Options

* HW6
* HW8
* Team Pod device

Minimum Computer Requirements

* CPU 2 GHz (or equivalent)
* 4 GB of RAM
* Video card with at least 1024x768 and High-Color resolution
* 4 GB of free hard disk space
* CD ROM drive
* One available USB port, version 1.1 or higher
* Windows 7/8/10 Operating system

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