VitalScan Hardware Devices

HW6 Device

HW6 has two data input channels: ECG and Pulse Wave signal (Plethismogram). Both channels are 16bit with available reading frequency of 100, 250, 360, 400 and 600 Hz. The strength of the signal is automatically amplified.

HW6 can operate only while connected to a PC, patient data transfers directly and in real time to the computer for instant evaluation and analysis.

This device meets all USA and EU medical safety standards.

This device is FDA 510k cleared and meets all USA and EU medical safety standards.

* USB Connection
* ECG input
* Pulse Wave (Plethismogram) input

Compatible Analysis:
* Advance Autonomic Balance Analysis
* Pulse Wave Velocity Analysis
* Cumulative Stress Assessment
* Cardiovascular Fitness Test
* ECG Assessment
* Real Time HRV Analysis
* Neurovegetative Analysis with custom marks
* Baroreceptor Sensitivity Analysis
* Overall Health Level Assessment
* BioFeedback Stress Reliever